How to list products with Nembol?

Updated on June 14, 2024


How to bulk publish products with Nembol?

If your products have SKU codes

With Nembol, you can bulk list your products across multiple marketplace and ecommerce platforms

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your channels to Nembol. Read here how to connect a channel.
  2. Adjust your source channel Import settings.
  3. Run a first import.
  4. Adjust Publish settings of the channels you want to list on.
  5. Once ready, go to your Products tab.
  6. Bulk select your products.
  7. Click on “Publish to” button.
  8. Choose the desired channels.
  9. Confirm “Publish products”.
  10. Done!

In a matter of minutes, your listings will be published on the selected channels.

If your products don't have SKU codes

Some channels don’t have a SKU code as a required field. But how do you add a SKU to your listings, if you’re planing to expand on channels where SKU field is required?

No need to manually add them. Nembol can automatically assign a SKU code from your listing ID to your products while listing on other channels.

Nembol at import will fill the SKU code field with the item number, or listing ID, taken from your original listing. 

Once the import is complete, you can check on your Products tab that SKU fields are not empty anymore, but filled with automatically created and assigned individual SKU. 

And you’re all set to list. 

Just make sure your Publish settings are good.